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Follow your sales leads through the entire sales funnel and cycle from lead nuturting to account management and make sure all information is recorded along the way. Get Stage Tracking, Activity Tracking, Document Attachments and more.

The features you need in a CRM

Keep an accurate database of your company’s contacts and accounts while collaborating with your colleagues to improve the sales cycle. Use features like: Importing all existing contacts and companies, Activity Tracking, Document Storage, Company Hierarchies, Social Integration, and Customizable List Views.



View all of your team's past touch-points with a customer before sitting down with them. Store notes, log calls and emails, and view related tasks for both the company and personal contacts.


Create, manage, and assign tasks with the comprehensive tasking system to make sure all goals are archived.


Create emails that can be saved and tracked to existing contacts as well as create automated email campaigns. See how your contacts engage with your emails with our engagement tracking.


Receive notices when your assets are edited or when you are added as an owner. Make sure you receive an alert when action is required.


Search for your companies, contacts, and opportunities in your devices spotlight search. Add contacts, companies, and opportunities without even opening the app.

Fully Customizable

The only software that is flexible to propel your business forward by doing exactly what your business needs and customer's demand.

Standard Plan

Starting at

  • Company tracking
  • Contact tracking
  • Lead/Opportunity Management
  • Task Management
Enterprise Plan

Starting at

  • Single sign on Dedicated infrastructure
  • Custom URLs
  • Custom onboarding support and training
  • Implementation

Indition CRM Features

Spend time managing your content the way you want.

Standard PlanEnterprise Plan
Company tracking allows you to follow any detail within a company entity, from email, activities, task, opportunity, leads, etc. Having this tool is essential when staying up to date on client relationship and the customer acquisition process.
Contact tracking allows you to follow and record any details and interactions with a customer. Store email, activities, tasks, opportunity, leads, notes, etc. With the right information at your disposal you will be able to lead your contacts into become regular customers.
With lead opportunity/management use your CRM analytics to gain insight on which opportunities are more beneficial to pursue. Qualify each lead with the correct amount of data and provide your sales representatives with the information they need to close a sale.
Use your tasks to set reminders for your customer accounts. Set up a tasks or groups of tasks for your team to accomplish while keeping an effective system for managing reoccurring and one time actions.
Use custom fields to add in the different fields you need to track extra information you want for your contacts, companies or opportunities. Custom fields are made to be specific to your needs, so if you want to add in extra input, dropdown, and or toggle go right ahead.
Use role management to define the role and position of a user within your CRM. You can use this feature to give or restrict access. To create and delete tasks and data. View data and reports from your subordinates and so much more.
Track and record all the performance metrics related to your customers as well as your team members. View reports based on any core entity and export the information you need to help with sales reporting, sales forecasting and pipeline reports.
Use our software to manage, organize, and monitor the components of a data center. Optimize IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing fully dedicated infrastructure.
Custom URLs allow you to easily remember all the details and specifics with pages and accounts related to your CRM. Don’t get another Get the title you want and deserve.
Get the support you need with onboarding and specific training to maximize your time and efforts in Indition CRM. Make sure you are settled into the routine and organization of how our CRM works.
Use the process of implementing and deploying to manage and track customer relations and communication. Implementation will help businesses with contact interactions, lead generation, and help in streamlining processes.
Make sure all of your customer’s data and information is confidentially maintained and secure. Rest easy knowing the handling and storage of your customer’s data is safe and sound.
Seamlessly connect your CRM software with our line of other marketing and sales products that go hand in hand with CRM. Adding these integrations will increase automated actions that will expand your CRM and sales completely.
Use custom modules to create a separate module and track information specific to a property. You can use this for leads, contacts, companies, opportunities and more to track your sales process. Also with custom modules you can adapt our other software solutions to fit your business needs.