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Indition Forms Videos

Data collection and management is the back bone of every organization. Indition Forms is the easiest way to collect data. Whether you need a simple form, or something more complicated, the professional services team at Indition will work with you to design, build, test and deploy the exact solution you need. From simple forms that email you results, to complex multi-step or stop point forms with API integrations to Salesforce or other external systems. Indition can do it all quickly and affordably.


Indition Alerts Videos

Send alert messages to the right contacts through various different methods to ensure that your employees receive and read important messages. Keep your employees safe and updated through multiple channels about occurrences such as office closures, emergency situations, internet outages, traffic alerts, weather alerts, etc. All you need to do is choose who you want to send the alert to, how you want to deliver the message, and what the message should be. It's as simple as that!


Indition CRA Videos

Customer Relationship Automation, CRA, takes outbound marketing to a new extreme. Build and launch campaigns faster, segment customers faster, take more actions. Track all actions your customers take across web properties and turn anonymous users into actionable customers. Tie in with existing CRM & Ecommerce systems simply and easily.