Integrated Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Indition offers an array of powerful software products that work great on their own or together as a fully integrated suite of technology. Indition provides you the functionality and the analytics you need to streamline your B2B or B2C sales channels. Indition’s modular architecture allows for easy customization and seamless third party integrations. Built to empower your teams and empower your growth, Indition is the right choice to transform your business.

Indition CRA Marketing Automation

Built for digital marketers by digital marketers, CRA is the quickest and easiest way to build powerful outbound and inbound digital marketing campaigns. Outbound communications include Email, SMS, Direct Mail and push-notifications as well as Landing Pages and online Forms. Indition CRA allows you to deploy more quickly without the need for an IT department, better target your efforts, measure customer behavior, segment your customers, and ultimately increase conversions.

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Indition Commerce Cloud

Choosing an Ecommerce platform is the toughest decision an organization will make. The right Ecommerce technology can empower your staff, delight your customers and yield tremendous results. The wrong platform will frustrate your staff, scare away your customers and kill conversions. Indition Commerce Cloud is a next generation Ecommerce platform that will change what you thought was possible with software.

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Indition Content Management System (CMS)

Managing content in a large scale website is the lifeblood of every content producer, digital marketer and website developer. Indition CMS provides a platform to build robust scalable websites quickly and easily. With extensive out of the box functionality as well as the ability to easily build your own customer modules, change your content life with Indition CMS.

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Other Indition Products

A Complete Software Suite

Indition ServiceDesk – Advanced Customer Service Operations

Advanced customer service operations with extended self-service and automated assistance functionality…

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Indition OrderDesk Call Center Operations

Powers advanced call center operations with full integration into Indition Ecommerce and Marketing Automation modules…

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Indition Sales CRM – Close Business from Anywhere at Anytime

Sales Lead management, CRM and Indition platform integration in one, simple application. Sales CRM allows sales professionals to close…

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