Marketing Isn't A One Way Street.
It's A Conversation.

Communicate with your Customers

Outbound Communication

Do more than build emails. Interact with your customers. Easily build entire campaigns, shaped around your products and the actions of your customer. Use pre-built email templates or create your own that reflect your brand. Then just drag and drop into personalized campaigns, turning your emails into conversion funnels.

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Inbound Communication

To know your market, you have to listen. Easily build customizable landing pages for any event, service or product. Embed web-forms to let their voice be heard and boost your digital distribution channels. Then let Indition monitor their actions so you hear exactly what they're saying, and you know exactly how to respond.

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Let Data Drive Your Marketing

Gather all of your analytics, all on one platform. With Indition CRA analytics, know exactly how your marketing efforts are performing. Track open rates, links clicked, follow your site visitors through your conversion funnel and more.

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Protect Your Brand

Use Indition CRA's media library to house your brand's logo, website headers, landing page templates, imagery and other branded assets. Then rest easy knowing that your full staff is maintaining your brand guidelines.

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Tell Your Story

You send messages out to draw your customers in. Give them somewhere to go by quickly and easily building Landing Pages through our integrated Indition CMS. Customize your URL, redirect users from outdated links, add metadata and more.

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Actionable Life Events

Using elaborate scanning software, Indition CRA constantly searching for, discovers and records information on Facebook. This insight provides the ability to tap into events in your contacts’ lives, creating the unique opportunity to engage with your customer when they are most likely to buy.

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Ultimate Customization

Indition CRA improves segmentation using new insights into the behavior and characteristics of your customers. Schedule segmented and targeted campaigns, posts, updates, and more, targeting the right customer with the right message.

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Triggered Campaigns

Integrate CRA into your web service or other digital solutions to send custom emails based on your visitor's interactions. Easily set up triggers in your campaigns, further segmenting your customers to engage them with unique messages when they're most likely to buy.

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A/B Testing

Ensure you've got the most effective messaging through easy to use A/B testing. Easily select the percentage of emails to be tested within your list and Indition CRA takes care of the rest, making sure that you're communicating the right message to your customers to increase conversions.

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Customized Web-Forms

Whether you're building your distribution list or hosting an event, use customizable forms to capture information from your customers and turn visitors into buyers. Let them know you're listening by setting up easy to build, automated emails sent upon form completion.

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